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[On Church of England Australian Fund for Soldiers Overseas letterhead]

ours was has indeed been the battalion to be proud of, due in the first place not a little due principally due to those two men, whose traces of whose fine work are only to still apparent, when most of the men of their time are gone. To which of them belongs the greater mead of praise, God alone knows.

It was at Mailly, in June 1917 that I made his acquaintance, and I found him all that I had thought him to be. Word came round that Father Kennedy was back. Immediately, men of all kinds left the huts, just to see him, say good greet him, and shew that they had not forgotten him.

[Asterisk and note in margin:] personality sketch

In those days, the Catholics were numerous indeed in the Brigade, but they were not of one denomination only, that crammed the church at Mailly, and afterwards at Beaussart. And during the week, he was around on parade, and never absent during hours of relaxation, – and always with the Colonel. And What fitting comrades they were!

Later, at Rubempre, I

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