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day. The fact that two of the battalions had to relieve the Tommies in the front line because they had the wind up about gas, was not fair though.

Three days later we went back again to the Hamel Ravine, while the 1st Div came in to relieve us and do a stunt. Again a move was welcome for the field guns had just been put behind the trench, easily seen by Fritz, & paid unwelcome attention by him.

A thing happened then that caused me a good deal of heart self reproach. While waiting to fall in several others & myself went into our dugout to play a game of crib to pass the time. I got tired of looking on so laid down behind them and went to sleep. How long afterwards it was when I awoke I have no idea but the place was empty so I grabbed my equipment & rifle, rushed upstairs & was just in time to hear my name called. On reporting I was asked to explain things. I then discovered that they had fallen in half an hour previously, the others evidently not seeing me asleep in their hurry. Then while seeking me Fritz opened up and nearly got the whole of HQ personnel. Thanks be to God none were harmed, but I shall never forget what might have

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