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Marching back through Lamotte en Santerre and Warfusee-Abancourt we saw any quantity of evidence of our artillery's destructive ability. We also came unpleasantly close to testing the same quality of the Hun's too. He re-opened fire with his freak 12" popgun and was doing his best to hit the road. Fortunately he was 100 yds to the left, but on changing after two shots, they went about 200 yds to the right. After three more there, though, we were glad that we were turned off the road, for one landed right on it.

On landing at our destination four of us made a tent in the garden of our chateau home and freshened up a bit. Others did well by collecting beds & bedding from the ruined houses.

And so our picnic had finished. Conversation with various prisoners, the success of the attack and the result, convinced me that the war was indeed on the last lap. The first French stand down south had already shewn me that our side was going to win eventually, in spite of the German attack. If Aussie had a few more divisions here we

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