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to go down to it. Till some of the crew put the canvas wind screens up it was awful to be along the side decks, for the stricken ones all rushed to the rear latrines and the stuff blew back along both sides.

I had never been ill before, and with several others – all of us fools of the same kidney – went about making it as bad as possible for any with whitening faces. I enjoyed it too, – then. My pal got off colour soon so I went below to an indescribable charnel-house to get him a blanket. On coming into the open again I found what impending mal-de-mer means, but fought it off with success.

Later, in spite of the C.O asking me if I liked pork & beans I resumed my former occupation till I got tired and found a good possie inside. I slept well for a couple of hours, and just woke to see my partner of our evil pleasures come in the door. Immediately all the misery I had caused others came on me and then I got the punishment. For about an hour or more I was half dead.

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