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up splendid time in spite of numerous difficulties.

It was very dark, and raining, when we arrived at Bertre the next night, whence we had a very unpleasant stroll to Busigny. There we heard, from the people, tales of the German treatment of the inhabitants during their occupation. Certainly their faces spoke shewed the truth of their statements only too well.

From there, after a day resting, we went to Ribeauville where we stayed for a night, then moved on to Fesmy, where we stayed for about three weeks. We had a particularly good billet and I think there were very few who were not able to make themselves comfortable. The people were very good to us and in return were allowed to buy various delicacies at our canteen. Such things as chocolate, and milk had been unknown to them for nearly four years.

Lucky were they who had been able to save any animals. During the period of fighting there, they had been moved back but returned as soon as was possible, to find their homes

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