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[On Church of England Australian Fund for Soldiers Overseas letterhead]

of duds, and certainly did harmed the religious sense of the men to no small extent.

Before the stunt Father K– was showing signs of failing health and Colonel Croshaw before when about to move up, threatened to have him put under arrest if he moved from the Details Camp. What feelings were theirs when they parted? One with the firm belief that he was going to his death, and denying the other the privilege risk of being there to help him, The other fearing the first, and eagerly desiring the privilege of the latter latter as a privilege.

No one was surprised when, after the battalion's arrival at Halfway House, Father K– should stroll strolled up the duckboard track. In the pill box he was unmistakably ill at ease, and although the restored by the Colonel's pleasure at his being company, whose chidings at first had no effect, his bad health made itself felt. Still he carried according to many, he carried on in the old style, and the newer men

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