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where we stayed for one night only. Here the curé was shot for telling the Huns what he thought of them. From there we went to Sains where we were all billeted in magnificent chateaux. Most had been used as hospitals, as also a huge factory building. Ours had been magnificently splendidly fitted out inside but most of the oak panelling, door & window frames and some doors had been ripped off, as also the metal work of any kind.

We only stayed there a day also, moving on to Sivry, crossing the border after Liesses. It was rather a stiff climb up through the Forest of Trelon but it was a pleasant road.

[Note crossed out in the margin:] Xmas Day mention

Well at the start Sivry did not look too good. Billets were there alright but the whole Brigade being jammed in a very small area not much choosing could be done. Here again the people were fine and did everything possible to make us comfortable. On entering the place, one could not help noticing the ruins of many houses, and also of what

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