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We were in camp at Littlemoor for barely a week when after a good deal of cleaning up and refitting we took train for London to take part in the Anzac Day March.

Though we all took part in the great growling every man was determined to do his best, and the result proved it worth while. Very early on the morning of the 25th we set out from our billets near Paddington to reach the assembly point in the Mall in good time. It was a glorious day as far as the weather was concerned and all promised well.

After a good rest all fell in ready to start. How well that battalion got off!. What a rotten lot there! and so on till the first of our own column wheeled round into our line of vision – and it looked far from good. However, each crowd, in passing us straightened up splendidly & got away in great trim. Then our turn came, and we did likewise, for on the fence behind us was a brilliant (in appearance) bunch of those "pommy brass-hats".

What a reception we got! Cheers, and millions of cheers! Who could think of spoiling the show by looking sideways

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