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[indecipherable] l'Armistice

Nov 8/9th 1918 Monsieur! Monsieur! la guerre c'est finis!

Hullo, what has gone wrong with Madame now that she is so excited? Madame en la rue dit verite, "c'est finis!" and off she went, waddling up to the Mairie to obtain information on the subject. Surely something had happened for there were flocks of men & women in various stages of apoplexy, we thought, flocking along the usually quiet village street.

Well we had to job to do, war or no war, so had to carry on till the old dame returned with information to the effect that four emissaries from the German Govt were already on their way to sign an Armistice based on Wilson's 14 points. So far as I know, none of us went mad but we were all strangely elated [indecipherable] instead of looking for the Chap who had pinched that blotting paper or the pen.

Evidently Fritz must have heard that the [indecipherable] were coming up again for the 1st and 4th Divs were certainly under orders to go. No doubt they were more pleased about the news than we were.

Then followed a period of anxiety

Current Status: