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he would only require for the night, so not giving them too much trouble. My French was not pure Parisian as hers was, but she understood all except my phrase for "one of the best"" (eg thorough gentleman). So she asked me in English to explain speak tell it very slowly in English, which but my colloqualism floored her there. However five servants under the stairs seemed interested so I kept on. Then taking the bull by the horns I tried German, and with more success. Anyhow the business was settled and we were to bring him along at 11 am next day.

As the chap in question was a rather shy country man we had to agree we agreed to omit any mention of the style of his home-to-be. Imagine our chagrin when we found he was ill and going to hospital. Well the other chap would not come so I had to go next morning on my own to explain. You may be sure that I was very sorry that I was already so well settled situated, as the new place seemed very attractive. I tried several others who wanted rooms buy they were too shy of it when they saw the house so I faced the terror & rang.

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