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Date? Sep. 6. 1918

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The accompanying map shews what happened. The 15th Bde were along the river to the south of Biaches – the 2nd Div on top of Mt St Quentin and Fritz had the lowland between that hill and the town. The swamp was an impassable barrier, and the 7th Bde could not get past Halle – and the 15th Bde could not afford to approach the Causeway to Peronne on a/c of numerous M G nests, and 77 mm guns firing at point blank range.

We attacked at 6 am on the 1st, bombing Fritz from the trenches along the dotted red line in front of Halle and advanced that day to the dotted red line through St Denis and Peronne. When out battalion came out the companies were 9, 8, 13 & 11 men strong, with 5 officers.

A dreadful cost to the Div but considering that Fritz immediately retreated to the Hindenburg line it was worth it.

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