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8th August stunt
When we got back to Vaux en Amiennois, & particularly after having been taken back in motor lorries, we felt sure that the 'Heads' were at last going to recognise our wishes for a good spell back from the line.

The fact that the furphy kings were again busy after a day spent in peace and bliss did not alarm anyone, but when orders were given to attend lectures at the Tankodrome, and to practise stunts in co-operation with Tanks, well, – what could one think? Even the nucleus of "Tivey's Chocs" were sure of the impending stunt, but according to their story, they were to take a decent part. Naturally we refused to believe that such a thing could be possible.

After a few days, though, our doubts were confirmed. I knew sooner than most that something was going to happen for Martin M– was brought back from a holiday under escort and rather merry, and being brought before the C.O. was fined seven days pay, and promoted to corporal.

The battalion received five minutes notice to pack up, cover tin lids with sandbag, and get ready for a ramble up to Querrieu, where we had rested before going in to Morlancourt

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