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My leave was spent in the usual way, very quietly with all the resting possible. London appealed less than ever to me and visiting the numerous friends I had made took up all available time and provided sufficient gaiety & amusement – and expense.

I thought it might be nice to go to the much mentioned "Rumplemeyer" for afternoon tea to see the really 'naice people'. I went with two friends as guides, and having all donned our glad rags, started off to some picture exhibition first, whence we went to our destination in a taxi – usual rates. The tea shop looked quite ordinary – just occasional people entering – but inside was just it, as far as appearances went. I was 'it though when it came to pay up. Three very small cups of good tea, and six pieces of excellent but ordinary pastry cost only 10/6. After seeing them home I had to walk the rest of my return journey.

During that leave, big things were doing in France and when I saw the names of some pals in casualty lists felt glad to be getting back again, whether they were in or out of the line. After a good deal of the usual messing around, my pals and I left Boulogne on our own and made for the Abbeville district as we heard that was to be the Div. Area as they were coming out for a rest. Eventually we got to St Maxent and found them just settled down, in decent billets.

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