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had to stay there for medical inspection and de-lousing. The Fritz prisoners were working well on the latter job and it was all done thoroughly & well. – making one feel a new man.

After a couple of days in the tents we changed over to the old infantry base, into the huts where we were very comfortable indeed, our pleasure only being marred by numerous kit parades, and the inability to get 'riding strides'. Many Numerous were the visitors to the Tommy camps, usually with good luck. Life there was on the whole uneventful & we were again glad to depart on the 16th.

We went to the docks by motor lorry and as usual had to wait for hours on the docks. Having had little to eat during the day, the dry bread rolls, & oranges – the only edibles available – though being sold at outrageous prices were rushed. And then on board tea was immediately made by most, and the trip began.

It was very choppy and we had barely started before the troops began

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