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to see the girls. We passed Buckingham Palace well with the exception that the Queen Mother got no salute from us, or any section behind us.

Then in Victoria St we wondered if all the "stiff Johnny out to beat the guards" stunt was right. The crowd did not understand us. They had all individually read of the War Correspondents' "long lean stern faced etc etc" but none had ever seen one. However they took it for granted that we were "dinkum" and only chided us for our attitude. "Smile! Bill, Smile!" and "Aint they solemn" and so on were very common remarks.

All the time the aeroplanes were busy overhead but few of us were willing to look up. They could be heard though, and occasionally seen – and the crowd's remarks shewed their effect.

Just when we were about tired out, and had had a squint at HRH & the "Gaud-y Mare' we reached the finishing point. Very tempting the luncheon tables looked as we passed them, and perhaps that was responsible for the

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