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Quite a number were American but it seemed that many French & Belgian parties spoke English for "impressement". Afterwards I felt very sorry that we could not stay and go to hear "La Boheme" the next night. During the three days of our stay we heard plenty of music at the YMCA, provided by local orchestras & Philarm[onic] Societies. Their members were of all classes and shewed only too well their natural love for music, all selected from the old classic composers.

The building occupied by the YMCA (Anglo Belge) was a fine sample of the style of store shop store there. It was very elaborately designed, sumptuously fitted, and with huge show windows. The centre was open to the roof of fine stained glass, and with an area of about 200' x 150'. Above the remainder of the building were roof gardens, a concert hall, and tennis court. The woodwork was all of oak and mahogany, with fine marble panelling and staircase. There was also a splendidly fitted restuarant & large concert hall. Such a design would, I think, be very

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