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was, obviously, once the Church. We soon discovered what had occurred.

On the 27th of Aug 1914 the Germans had sent word that they would be passing through the village and warned the inhabitants of the penalty for hindrance. Two soldiers had stayed behind, though, to watch for the Germans approach and being stationed on top of the Town Hall saw them when they were some distance off. They fired and killed one, so that when the Germans arrived, they were caught and shot.

By a strange freak of Fate their washing uniforms were being washed and so they were only accepted as being civilians. The Bourgemeistre was taken off as a hostage, causing some dissatisfaction naturally, particularly as the man put in his place was not by any means the most popular in the village.

On that evening, the 28th, at Benediction in the Church there was a fray between some of the men and Germans in which several Huns were killed. Immediately they set

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