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[On Church of England Australian Fund for Soldiers Overseas letterhead]

the 19th of July was celebrated in a fitting manner, and the Colonel who was no brilliant speaker, managed in a few words to announced in the following strain that Father Kennedy would speak "a man who was the priest of a Church and preached the doctrine of that Church, but who like himself, did not stop not stopping swayed us all. I wish to commend him for as an example for you, as he is to me, to live the life as God ordains, fitting us to meet Him as one day we must. Also to thank him for his work, at a time 12 months ago, and since, by which he has helped to make this battalion, my pride, what it is to-day". I still hear those words, or words to that effect or similar.

Then followed Father K– 's speech, or was it a sermon?, exhorting us to live in such a manner as would make us worthy to share the glory of those of our comrades, who had gone to their Eternal Happiness. What he said may have been a sermon, but it certainly was not preaching at us.

Soon after, I –

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