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all seemed to realise that our long looked for fight was to be bought.

While here I met the chap I who had been so good to me on my first leave in London, and as he was broke I was able to repay him somewhat properly for his kindness.

Nothing much happened during the night, though three huge thumpers dropped almost on us, causing a big strategic retirement to the quarry.

Early in the morning of the 3 I went with Lt Gale to the 15th Bde Hqrs near Biaches to get information on the positions around Peronne, and to find out any progress they had made. Summing things up, I concluded that there was to be a big attack on that town, and after learning that it was quite impossible for the 15th Bde to cross from the South, that someone would push on the north. Well we were the only spare troops around, so our fight was assured.

Then, Fritz was putting a very heavy bombardment on the top of Mount St Quentin which was reported as held by the 2nd Div. but they were in a very bad position. Fritz was more or less succeeding in getting troops along the lowland on the north of the town and had them more or less surrounded.

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