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of souvenirs likely to be obtained.

After collecting another set of iron rations, sandbags, and other useless odds & ends, we set out at about 2 a.m. to go to our assembly position near Daours. We got there without much excitement, and it was not long before the fun started. During the night the heavy guns had been moved right up to the then front line, and when they opened up it was some noise. The main barrage was entirely of 9.2" stuff; shells that make more noise than Christmas crackers.

It was an ideal morning for the stunt, a good mist which would clear very quickly when the sun rose. By that time the troops would be well amongst the guns though and so the most difficult parts of the job would be completed.

At half an hour after 'zero hour' we moved forward to take up a position in some trenches to the left of Villers Brettoneux En route we passed amongst the guns and we were naturally pleased on being told that the 9.2"s were then firing at their extreme range, about 11 miles. And it was also a pleasure to see that Fritz was not retaliating. For the

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