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first time in the war I think, the reserve troops were able to have an enjoyable time, and were jealous of the battalions in front who were having the pleasure of rambling over the pleasant green country with practically no danger from Fritz, and the delightful pastime of souveniring canteens, Div HQrs etc.

As usual Tivey's crowd came in for the good things. Several well stocked canteens came in their way, and at one HQ, a box of new Iron Crosses were found. We had got settled down and were all passing the time in various ways when there was a fearful crash in the near vicinity, and causing a wild scramble for shelter to avoid flying pieces of what seemed a 10 ton shell. There was absolutely no sound of it's approach, and it had only fallen 10 yards behind our possies.

Well we could only hope that it was either one of those freak guns that need re-boring after each shot or else that the gunners would choose a different target. At intervals of 10 minutes though, the same thing was twice repeated. No warning whizz –, just a vile crash! as it burst. After another 10 mins. though we heard the report of the gun first

[Written vertically in left-had margin:]
(practically no concussion from its burst)

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