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had to stay till her lop-sidedness was righted. After a stretch while we were told that we would have to wait till the afternoon we went ashore again and spent the day around the Port.

At last we pulled out and after what seemed an interminable time landed at Port Melbourne early on the morning of the 19th July – Peace Day & the Anniversary of our Division's baptism of fire at Fleurbaix. Troops other than Victorians got into the trains and at about 2 pm we started for Sydney – and civvy life.

Thanks to the multiple jobs I had filled while on board the trip had seemed very short & peaceful so I had not been worried by anxieties as to loss of speed etc.

The train journey was remarkably well organised & comfortable. Everywhere on route were we given a welcome home. They were most welcome to us on the whole, but at Yass, at about 3 am we were nearly all sound asleep so the brass band & fireworks were not as well

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