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terms and conditions of surrender.  At 1-30 p.m. the Conference was adjourned until noon on 17th September, on which date the parleying was continued and definite terms and conditions arrived at, and Agreement signed.

The terms of Capitulation were shortly as follows:-
All Military resistance to the Military occupation of German New Guinea by the British Forces to cease at once.
German and Native Forces in the field to surrender with Military honours at Herbertshohe on 21st September '14.
On the Governor giving his parole, no obstacle to be placed in the way of his returning to Germany.
Officers of the Regular German Forces to be treated as Prisoners of War.
Officers and Non-commissioned Officers, (except Officials of the German Government) whose ordinary occupation is civil, on taking the oath of neutrality to be released and permitted to return to their homes and ordinary avocations.
For the safety of the white population, that portion of the Armed Native Constabulary forming part of the German Forces in the Field, if found satisfactory, to be transferred to the Military Administration to act as Police.
All moneys and properties of the late German Administration, to be handed over to the Brigadier Commanding the British Forces of occupation.
Existing laws and customs to remain in force so far as it is consistent with the Military situation.
Civil Officials of the late German Administration whose services are not retained in an advisory capacity, to be deported to Australia, but no obstacle to be placed in the way of subsequent return to Germany when possible.
Any British subjects held as Prisoners to be released and returned to their homes.
Care to be taken of women and children of deported Officials, and safe conduct to places where their men are.

On 22nd September at 9-45 a.m., the "Berrima", escorted by the "Australia", "Montcalm", and "Encounter" left Simpsonhafen for Friedrich Wilhelmshafen, which was reached on the 24th idem and occupied without opposition.  The German Flag was removed from the flagstaff in front of the Administrative Buildings and the Union Jack hoisted in its place and saluted.

Current Status: