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party under Lieut. Bond and Captain Travers. 
The Casualties on our side were as follows:-

Captain B.C.A. Pockley, A.M.C.
Lieut-Commdr. C.B. Elwell, R.A.N.
A.B. - G.V. Williams.
A.B. - J. Courtney.
A.B. - R. Moffatt.
A.B. - Street.

Lieut. R.C. Bowen, R.A.N.
A.B. - T. Sullivan.
A.B. - J. Tonks.
A.B. - D. Skillen.

The Enemy's  casualties, of which there are known to have been a number, could not be ascertained, but 19 Germans, of whom three were Officers, and 56 Armed Native Constabulary were taken prisoner.
Commander Beresford was ordered to move his force to Herbertshohe and garrison that place as originally arranged, Lieut. Colonel Watson's Troops were re-embarked on board "Berrima", which then proceeded with the Fleet to Simpsonhafen and Rabaul, which latter place was reached at 6-0 p.m., when four Companies of Infantry, a Machine Gun Section, and Detachment of A.M.C., under the command of Lieut. Colonel. J. Paton, were at once landed as a garrison.

At 3-0 p.m. on Sunday, 13th September, a parade of all available troops, under the command of the Brigadier, was held on shore at a place now known as "Proclamation Square", where during the forenoon a Flagstaff had been erected. The Troops were formed up in three sides of a square facing the Flagstaff, with the band of the Flagship kindly placed at the disposal of the Brigadier by Rear-Admiral Patey, in the centre.

The fourth side of the square was occupied by the Rear-Admiral Commanding and the Officers of H.M.A. Fleet, Lieut. General Wylde, Royal Marines, and many German and other residents of Rabaul.




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