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During the afternoon of the following day the first batch of recruits was received, and sworn in, and steps taken to select Regimental Staff and other Officers.  As a result of such selection the following Officers were appointed:-

Second in command : Lieut. Colonel John Paton, V.D.
Adjutant : Captain C. Lane.
Quarter-master : Capt Goodsell
Transport : Lieut. K. Heritage.
Machine Gun Section : Captain Harcus.
Machine Gun Section : Lieut. Marsden.
Signalling Section : Lieut. Sadler.


'A'  Company Major H. Beardmore.
  Lieut. C.G. Manning
  2nd. Lieut. W.A. Fry
'B'  Company Captain E.C. Norrie.
  Lieut. S.D. Fisher
  2nd. Lieut. R.H. Norman.
'C'  Company Captain Thorold.
  Lieut. R. Partridge.
  2nd. Lieut. Kirke.
'D'  Company Captain Macpherson
  Lieut. Ravenscroft.
  2nd. Lieut. McDowell
'E'  Company Captain Morrison.
  Lieut. McLachlan.
  2nd. Lieut. Manning.
'F'  Company Captain Twynan.
  Lieut. J.E. Maughan.
  2nd. Lieut. Cooper.
'G'  Company Captain Ralston.
  Lieut. Westgarth.
  2nd. Lieut. Quinn.
'H'  Company Major Martin.
  Lieut. Sampson.
  2nd. Lieut. Sherbon.

Captain F.A. Macguire.
Captain G.E. Donaldson.
Captain B.C.A. Pockley.

2nd Lieut. H.L. Bruce.
2nd Lieut. L.K. Chambers.

Current Status: