Item 04: James I. Marshall diary, 24 November-12 December 1916 - Page 66

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and carried on the business making huge profits and storing up articles for import 'apres la guerre' branded with the French Belgian firm's name. it was also said that huge vast quantities were branded as "made in England".

Soon afterwards I returned my friend & I visited Brussels. On arrival there the lighting and illuminated signs etc impressed me very much. Having seen Paris & London in darkness, partly through shortage of coal, it seemed strange to see so much evidence of German extravagance – with other people's articles goods.

En route there we passed about 15 acres of destroyed railway lines & rolling stock (work done by the Hun after the Armistice) and but in the town, except for numerous Ger there was practically no little trace of German occupation. Allied flags were everywhere conspicuous, thus with portraits of the King & Queen everywhere. The shops were all well stocked, though candles, soap, oranges and chocolate, were the principal goods sold when obtainable. Then, supplies were scarce and consequently prices were exorbitant, but later they dropped considerably.

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