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Fri. 28th. At 12.30 a.m. we were called out of our dug-outs & had to stand to arms in the bottom of the valley as an attack was expected; nothing happened out of the ordinary & we were dismissed at 4.30 & told to fall in again at 7.30 to go sapping. The sapping order was cancelled & we slept till dinner-time; after dinner a party of us went to the beach for a swim & it was lovely. Snipers have been exceptionally busy to-day & 5 lads were wounded trying to pick up a tin of biscuits, the task was then abandoned & we were told that we would have to wait till dark before we could draw our rations, but the tucker was rescued soon after dinner otherwise we would have done a starve; bullets have been falling very handy to our "dug-out" all day too. The beach is well patronised every day with men "off duty" swimming. I pinched both pockets full of onions at beach to-day & we had steak & onions for tea.

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