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[Page 196]

Mon. 30th. The Engineers on [indecipherable] fired 3 mines at 8 oclock last night & a warboat fired a few shots at the earthworks at 10 oclock, we could hear the Turks coughing as a result of the fumes from the high explosives used, but the shells did not do much damage to the works as far as we can see this morning. A message came through last night saying the 10th L.H. had taken a new trench & there was no sign of a counter attack, they are now consolidating their positions. The signallers that came from the 12th L.H. relieved us to-day & we now have 48 hrs. off & 24 on, there were 7 sigs. that belonged to the 12th with us now, so we should have an easier time from now on, until a few more gets wiped out at any rate.

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