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Wed. 30th. We had no sleep last night, but had quite an interesting time instead; at 9 oclock the Turks opened up with heavy rifle & machine gun fire, a good many Turks also left their trenches & came down the gullies on both sides of Popes Hill. The 2nd L.H. met them between Popes Hill & Walkers Ridge & the Turk soon made back again. They were threatening to attack right up till daylight & I believe the only thing that stopped them was that they were too frightened. Monaghan B Sqd. was killed last night & 5 others wounded from the 1st Regt. Major Nash of the 2nd L.H. was shot dead last night; their casualties were 2 killed & 3 wounded. As soon as daylight broke this morning we had snipers out shooting any Turks that still happened to be out of the trenches, we can see several dead Turks this morning, & one

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