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Mon. 16th. Very heavy bombardment took place at Achi-Baba from 3 oclock to 3.30 this morning. A fair amount of artillery work on both sides, a number of Lenster [Leinster?] Fusiliers were brought from the left flank & are to be put in the trenches here. It is said they failed to hold some springs the Aus. & New Zealand troops took, they turned when they saw the Turks counter-attacking in large numbers, the Aus. & New Zealands had to retake the springs later in the day.

Tue. 17th. Mills has got a job interpreting with the Indians as he understands their lingo, the 1st Light Horse appears to be practically a thing of the past; 30 men were told off & sent around to the left flank as snipers yesterday & to-day, 15 more was sent off to various positions for the same purpose, the remainder of the Regt. go to Popes Hill every night as support, half the Regt. one night & the other half the next.

Current Status: