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Friday, 30th. Came on duty at 12 oclock to-day relieving 3rd L.H. who were on (2nd went in the trenches yesterday). Word came through to-day from Kitchener saying the Turks were routed on the Euphrates & the road is now clear to Bagdad, a good deal of ammunition, stores, guns & prisoners taken. Word came through to all the "posts" at the same time "per 'phone" & when the message was read out to the troops they gave 3 cheers from Popes, Quinns, Courtenays & Steels, also around to the extreme right. The Turks hearing the cheering apparently thought we were about to charge as they opened up a heavy fire (wasting more ammunition). Last night the Turks fired a mine at Courtenays killing 3 & wounding 8 of our lads. Johnny Hayes was shot through the chest last night, he was alseep [asleep] with a dozen others up here on the "Out Post" at the time, it is a wonder there are no more hit as they have to sleep in the open; at 4 oclock this morning I was at the L.H. tanks for water & one of the 3rd L.H. was shot through the chest by a sniper while waiting for water.

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