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Wed. 14th. While cooking breakfast this morning 120 reinforcements turned up for this regiment, we came up to Popes Hill at 9 oclock & relieved the 2nd L. Horse. A Sqd. signallers took over the Phone so we had nothing to do but cook decent meals for ourselves. Went for a swim soon after tea. A couple of shells fell very handy just as we arrived & just as we were dressed ready to leave a shell whizzed just above our heads & exploded low on a barge from which dozens of men we [were] dressing & undressing on; one lad had both legs blown off at the knees, another had one foot blown off & all the lower part of his body peppered with pellets. I believe 5 men were hit altogether, if the shell had had burst higher it would have got more. Penny put pinchers on some more Indian meal tonight.

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