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Saddler Corporal J. Cook
7 Company
Arms S. Corp
Attached 4th Aus. Infantry Bde.

[Transcriber's notes:
Achi Baba Hill – misspelt as Achi-Babi Hill
Courtney's Post – misspelt as Courtenays
Gurkha – misspelt as Ghurka
Mediterranean – misspelt as Meditteranean
Zietoun - misspelt as Zieteoun, Zietieoun
Ghurkhas – sometimes spelt Gurkhas
Maconochie is a stew of sliced turnips and carrots in a thin soup, named for the Aberdeen Maconochie Company that produced it.
A.M.C. – Army Medical Corps
D.C.M. – Distinguished Conduct Medal]

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert for the State Library of New South Wales]

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