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Tue. 18th. The valley has been shelled several times to-day with large "Lyddite" shells, but I believe only two lads was killed by them & one of the barricades blown down. The Goeben gets the credit of it, as we hear no shooting & have no idea they are coming till they explode. They have the range neat & the shell makes the earth fly when they lob. To-day has been the quietest we have had, & we go for minutes at a time without hearing a rifle shot, although the Artillery was fairly brisk all the morning. Lieut. Edmunds was wounded this morning, also Stan Crichton by shrapnel. 30 odd 8.2 ins. shells have fallen since morning from a fort inland, we can see the shells coming through the air like a bird before they explode. The fort has been located & the warships commenced to bombard them at 6 o'clock, damage done not known.

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