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be warned against intended surrenders on the part of the enemy AAA. Following trick was played on Australians yesterday a number of men without arms & hand in hand headed by one man with white flag, came to our trenches then made a rush threw bombs & bolted AAA. Somewhat similar trick was played on Sikhs. In all cases of apparent surrender sufficient rifles should always cover the enemy till their good faith has been proved by surrender one by one, search for weapons including bombs & despatch to the rear AAA. Especially warn new arrivals that any man coming forward to surrender with arms is not to be allowed to approach till he has thrown down his arms & is without means of defence including bombs AAA. ADDRESSED 3, 4, 5, 6 Sect's N.Z. M.R. Bde., N.Z. Inf. Bde., 4 & 5 AUS. Inf. Bde. Some of the Drs. here say the sickness that is so prevalent amongst the troops

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