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Tue. 22nd. The shells that were falling amongst the 3rd L.H. yesterday proved to be 9 inch shells, it is marvellous that no one was hurt. I believe the English & French have taken a large part of Achi-Babi Hill, heavy fighting was maintained down there during the whole of last night, & the artillery has been very constant this morning. The Turks have been dropping shells onto Popes Hill (just above us) again this morning. I was on a sapping party from 4 till 8 this morning putting through a small tunnel. Stan & Smithers were on from midday till 4 p.m. The aeroplane came along observing at dinner time & had the usual shrapnel fired at her but none of them went near her. Matheson sent along a box of paper & envelopes for B troop, but we did not receive any as we have nothing to do with any troop now but draw rations etc. with

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