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it hot, practically no rifle firing has gone on at all to-day, & the Turks appear to be lying low. The Euryalus & Triumph have been firing on guns inland & at 3.30 large shells began to fall around the Euryalus & she had to back farther away from the shore to get out of danger, perhaps "The Goeben" was the cause of the big shells as she should be across the Peninsular (12 miles away). Half an hour later, one of our battleships farther on opened fire & was going constant for the remainder of the afternoon. Penny, Smithers, & I came off duty at 12 oclock & had a sort of a bath in a couple of quarts of water & also washed our socks in it. Had a chance to drop a p.c. home to-day. The sun sets here at 7.30 & rises about 5 oclock.

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