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Wed. 4th. Between 7,000 & 8,000 Tommies were landed last night, we went on duty on the 'Phone at dinner time to-day; early this morning a German Taube flew over us & dropped a bomb amongst the Tommies; water rather scarce.

5.8.15 (War Anniversary)
Thur. 5th. Another demonstration last night; at 9 & 10 oclock everything looks as though we shall make a move before long, a meeting was called this afternoon & all the O.C's had to attend, we were issued with iron rations to-day.

Fri. 6th. Some trenches on our right have been changing hands lately, they were taken by the Turks yesterday & retaken this morning by the 6th Light Horse, a good deal of shelling has been going on lately & two mines on Quinns exploded this morning. We suffered heavy losses on the right; today we have been sewing white bands on our sleeves & a white patch on the back of our tunics, so as the artillery will not mistake us for the enemy.

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