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Wed. 26th. Snipers have been paying us marked attention all day; early this morning I was hanging our blankets out on the bushes to air when a bullet hit the ground alongside of me & knocked some dirt in my eye, it was close enough to make me take cover, about dinner time another one came our way & went through one of the blankets & Stan's overcoat. 10 men were tipped over by snipers soon after daylight, poor old Pope being shot dead. McMaster who was also hit has only a sporting chance of surviving his wound which went through his liver. The warships have kept up a continual bombardment all day otherwise things have been very quiet only for Turkish snipers & they have accounted for a good many of our boys to-day. The weather is perfect. We have to stand to arms in the valley every morning at 3.30 a.m. but do nothing else; of course the men have to do sapping but the signallers are exempt.

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