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Tue. 29th. Bourke of A Sqd. was killed last night in the trenches here. We gave the enemy a display of fireworks at 9 oclock, with Indian Star Shells, it was a fine sight, the shell is fired from a gun & when they explode send out 5 large stars (either blue or red) which lights up the country wonderfully. The enemy counter attacked during the night at J13 & were repulsed. A party of Turks established themselves between J11 & J12 & were this morning enfiladed by machine gun fire & either killed or captured. Respirators & water to damp them have been placed in the trenches to-day, we have been anticipating an attack of gas for some time, but it is seldom the wind blows in the right direction for them & we have not had a whiff of gas so far. Artillery has been fairly constant from the Turks & large shell still fall on Walkers Ridge every evening. One of the shells hit a man to-day & he has not been seen since.

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