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kept the Turks on the move ever since. 200 Royal Welch [Welsh] Fusiliers came along & manned Walkers Ridge & they were a fine lot of men. I knew as I looked at the charging on our right yesterday afternoon that the 1st L.H. would be making an attempt to push back the Turks from Popes Hill at 4.30 this morning (as it was then anticipated that the left & right flanks would then be up level with us) but I hardly thought of the sight I was to witness & felt disappointed when orders came out that C Sqd. had to remain & we had to attend to the 'phone. A & B Sqd. had to charge with a troop from C Sqd. as bomb throwers, 200 men all told. Quinn's & Walkers should have commenced the attack a shade before us. The first line of men leaving Quinn's were all mowed down by machine guns & no more were sent out from there, the Welch Fusiliers were a shade slow off the mark & all the enemy's fire was directed on our boys as they jumped over the parapet. I had a grand view of the Welch boys as they left their trenches to charge, they were no more than 400 or 500 yards from here in a direct line. It

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