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Sun. 27th. A rally of rifle & machine gun fire woke us soon after daylight this morning. The Turks we [were] apparently having a joke with us & started the business by dropping a few bombs on us, one dropped on the roof of the Drs. dug-out but fortunately it never exploded. We had to stand to arms for half an hours. The Turkish artillery played havoc with the New Zealanders' trenches & a piece of a shell fell in "Dad" Howarths dug-out cutting his blanket & oilsheet & only missed "Dad" by an inch or two. The Turks undermined the 8th L.H. on the "R.F." & blew up there H.Q. at 2 a.m. this morning, killing & wounding a good many of them, quite a number of casualties on the beach to-day also & a bomb thrown over Courtneys Post accounted for 11 men. We have been suffering rather heavily during the last few days. The Turks are using a German mortar to throw bombs & it doing good work for them.

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