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Wed. 23rd. We went into the trenches again this morning (at least the Regt. did) & we signallers took over the signalling box from the 2nd L.H. who were on, after building up on one side of it with sandbags to make it safe from shrapnel fire. The Turks have been dropping shells on the beach & I believe they succeeded in hitting some of our lads. The last couple of nights we have had "bush concerts", only a few of us. (It reminded me of the good old times at "Brooklyn".) I have had a very busy afternoon & it ended up by me taking 5 periscopes (broken) & 3 broken Periscopic Rifles to the Supply Depot & getting getting new ones in place of them & by the time I got back here on Popes Hill, I was convinced that I had a heavy load. A couple of shells burst in the gully rather handy to where I was but no one was hit. There is a bomb thrower within 5 yds. of this telephone box.

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