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[Page 172]

Friday 13th. A German Taube was flying over us about sundown yesterday, when one of our planes came on the scene & chased the Taube, a second Taube rose to help, & our machine appeared to think it was time to quit & came back. Otherwise everything quiet, a little shelling.

Sat. 14th. Another quiet day; last night the Turks were burning dead bodies & the fumes we get here are nearly enough to make us use our respirators. The Turks have been coming out of their trenches during the night time & collecting the boots off our dead & one was shot dead last night while in the act; demonstration last night.

Sun. 15th. The Turks made a determined bomb attack last night on the right flank, but were easily repulsed & strange to say our casualties were practically nil. The Turks suffered heavily. Everything in Monash Gully very quiet.

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