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Sunday 25th. Nothing during the night & did not have to stand to arms till 3 o'clock this morning, today has been a good deal hotter than usual, a good many splinters of our own shells fly back into this gully from own shells, no-one has been hit but they drop mighty close after every shell is fired. I do not think there is enough force in them to put a man out of action for long. The Turks appear to be using a new powerful mortar for throwing bombs & it seems to be a success.

Mon. 26th. As soon as we were dismissed from standing to arms this morning Charlie Burke & I went to the beach to see if we could buy any groceries from the sailors, all we could get was milk @ 1/6 per tin, we sig's now have 10 tins on hand; we had a swim before returning & relieved the Sigs on N.T. Phone at the outpost at 12 oclock. The 2nd L.H. who were brought up as reserves have been taking a turn on the 'phone so we only strike a shift every 6 days.

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