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Wed. 19th. At 4 oclock this morning the Turks charged our trenches. The attack was expected & only one Turk reached our trench & was bayoneted. This morning dead Turks are to be seen lying in every conceivable position. Their losses were enormous. Chambers, Moffat, Whittle, Aldridge, McArthur, Fisher, & Hunt were killed in C Sq. Lieut. Nickoll was seriously wounded & will lose an arm if he lives. Cpl. Milligan Pett (N-mine) [Narromine?] was wounded in the mouth, I believe he has half his tongue shot away. Todhunter "B Troop", Selff & a few others were wounded, but only slightly. The fighting was terrific for an hour, soon after 5 o'clock the Turkish Artillery got busy & gave us a very interesting time; apparently they are not short of ammunition this morning, but the New Zealand trenches on the opposite hill to us seems to occupy their attention mostly. C Sq. bore the brunt of last nights

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