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was simply murder, the Turks machine guns were playing along their parapets, & it was pitiful to see the brave fellows falling, it is marvellous any of them managed to get through at all, but the Welch boys took two lines of trenches, but were forced to retire to the first line again, the 1st L.H. managed to get into the third line of trenches, but as the flanks did not come up, the Turks began to close in on both sides & gave us particular fits with bombs, & we were compelled to retire to Popes; the Turks trenches are lined with Turks (thousands of them). Major Glasgow (who was in command) was the only officer that went out & was not hit; he is one of the best & bravest soldiers we have. Major Reid was killed (Sigs) Howarth, Creighton & Arston wounded, our casualties were about 159. Major Glasgow has temporary command of the Regt. The fighting on the left is very fast & the Aus. & New Zealand forces have taken the hill which was their objective, they took it about sundown.

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