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Fri. 2nd. A sap is being put up through our dug-outs, we sig's have had nothing to do to-day, as Nelson has failed to secure a buzzer or Heliographs to practise with. This afternoon a New Zealander dropped his rifle by accident, it went off & the bullet went through his knee. This morning we had some excitement as a kite was up from one of the boats observing. A parachute was either freed or broke away & came sailing down & fell between our trenches & the Turks, at least it appeared to be, some papers also flew out of it, just before it came to the ground, some falling in our lines & some in the Turks. The Artillery has been fairly busy on both sides to-day & a howitzer firing from towards the beach & dropping shells on the left of Popes Hill is doing considerable damage to the Turks. Calthorpe was wounded by an 8.2 ins. shell on the face this evening. Went for a swim again to-day.

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