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he got back here he was so indignant over the Tommy's ill treatment that he could hardly speak & if the officer could only have heard the Australian names he was called, I believe he would have been flattered. Les Smithers was grazed on the back of the hand by a piece of shell the morning of the charge & it put a nasty cut in one finger which does not appear to be healing too well & today he is very bad with dysentery & had to go off duty to-day, so Penny & I have to take the 'phone on our own to-night. Sergeant-Major Kirby was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant about a week ago, & he is panning out a very good officer & was in charge of Hintons Post here last night. 9 men & 1 officer is all that is holding this outpost during the night & 6 men & 1 N.C.O. during the day, we would get some "hurry up" if the Turks charged us, as it would be impossible to retreat.

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