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Sat. 12th. Received a bonza mail to-day from Aus. & England, also plenty of papers. A Sqd. sig's were on duty despatch carrying from 1 to 5 a.m. this morning & Maj. Lorrie (A Sq.) complained to the Adj. about his sig's doing Head Quarters work; the Adjutant went to Nelson & they had a proper argument, but it ended in us severing connection with H.Q. so I had to report to the S.M. that we are no longer on H.Q. so I suppose we shall be on a sapping party tomorrow, a few hours on the "banjo" will do us no harm, as we are getting quite fat & flobby. Everything very quiet to-day & one would hardly think a war was going on. The flies are very bad here & we have a very poor chance of sleeping during the day on account of them.

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